Is Second Hand Vapor Harmful to Breathe?

The vaping industry is flourishing with heaps and bounds owing to the use of it in positive terms with respect to smoking cigarettes. It is a fact that PHE health review has established that it is much safer than tobacco smoking. This is a general notion and it should uphold since more and more people are getting to know about the influence it has. Bodies like FDA is also agreeing to this fact as well and despite their reluctance they appear to think that i can be helpful in switching smokers to e-cigarettes.

The industry is simply at the helm of people who want to tell the world that it is positive and negative, so to differentiate between these two, it is important that we know that whether it is tangible or not. The governments need to realise this stat and the rehab centers as well because it is just too powerful in terms of positive response. And if the product is itself is not harmful than the cigarette, its second-hand-nature isn’t too harmful either.

The second hand smoke is a term coined to mythify the idea that smoking causes harm to the people around the smoker. However the case is such that, second hand smoke and second hand vaping are very different from each other. The cigarettes emit smoke which has a lot of harmful elements, whereas the e-cigarettes have a mechanism where it emits vapors of different flavors and nicotine. Now here is the catch; the harm is only limited to the amount where people around inhale the nicotine and nothing else.The vapor is equal to inhaling the clouds or an inhalor. How harmful is that? Not too much. So the idea that it is harmful to breathe, is a hoax and it shouldn’t be the case with people who think otherwise.

The kids cannot inhale the nicotine because it is addictive in nature and that is why it shouldn’t be the case with infants. Like they are not allowed to have caffeine , same is the case here but it isn’t that harmful. So this is the entire model that we should have in mind when we think about the second-hand vaping and second-hand smoke because it is a thing that cannot be too harmful and as a general thing, people should just simple refrain from vaping in places where there are too much crowds so that people don’t feel uncomfortable. The people have to keep this in mind as well that alcohol can be  second-hand as well, and while it is not too harmful same is the case with vaping.

Answering the question, is it harmful to breathe, well, vapors are breathed and they wouldn’t have any major harmful effect on your health. So keep vaping, but with a little care, try not to disturb those who simply don’t like the smell, who might be allergic to certain flavors and who just don’t like the idea of it. WIth care it can be a positive thing for all.

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