Quit Smoking

Will my sense of taste go back to normal once I stop smoking?

We know that smoking is a harmful element for smokers and it should be avoided to the maximum. Many problems occur when one smokes and that is just abohorent on their part to neglect the negative aspects of smoking and continue with this act. Some of these problems are linked to the combustible nature of the tobacco cigarettes and some other like the nicotine.
This is a proven fact that people who smoke lose their sense of taste to the level that ir becomes hazy. The taste sense is list due to the chemicals in tobacco and there occur structural changes in fungiform papillae of the tongue. It is further tested whether the taste receptors are able to taste bitterness, saltiness, or sourness and it is conclusive that loss of these sense occurs after a substantial amount of time of smoking as well. That is not the end of it actually, because it is now a fact that people who quit smoking are not able to get taste sensations back either. This is because the tobacco or combustion products in body in any manner still impair the human’s ability to know certain tastes.
So why would anybody want to go through such a derogatory phase? Although it is still unknown that how much the cigarette affects the taste buds and for how long, it is stated by some researchers that when you quit you can very easily after some time get your taste sensation back. Because of this fact, it is also deductible able that with taste one smoker also loses sense of smell as well. Another study conducted in Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital APHP in France, byNelly  Jacob states that sweet taste, sour taste and salty taste remain the same whereas the bitter taste is ruined and according to his experiment they are not able to taste the caffeine.
It is essential that both sense of taste and smell are there for you to enjoy that fine dine experience and be that force of change the smoking communities need. Otherwise what good is it to have the cigarettes? Now with the introduction of switching elements like nicotine gums, patches or e-cigarettes there is a lot of potential in losing this bad habit,so why not go on to do it? We should opt for a better life when we have the opportunity and that is why we ought to have better lifestyle as well.

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