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Vaping and Ban

The mindset regarding vaping is variant in nature around the world, be it the safety issues or the nicotine-addiction. United Kingdom is one of the places in the world where various health agencies and the rehabilitation centers that encourage the use of vaping. Smoking created a burden monetarily on the National Health Service of U.K., and that is why the nation stood against the menace of smoking to save money as well as people from the health hazards.

Regulations needed

Many of the countries also are allowing vaping through a regulated medium but are lesser enthused of the element. The United States of America has the FDA which takes care of the vapor products and has spent a lot of time trying to regulate a system and model that helps them achieve more. Likewise, Canada also has a model that is similar to America and each state is independent in its core, regarding the laws pertaining to vaping and e-cigarettes.

Some over 40 countries around the globe have one or the other type of ban on vaping, be it on use, sales, import or a combination of these.

Countries with no regard to Vaping

There are countries with complete ban as well including both sales and possession that make vaping completely illegal. Prohibition is mostly centered in Asia, the Middle East, and South America while the most widespread nicotine ban exists in Australia. Still other countries are somewhere in the middle when it comes to vaping laws, for instance in Japan where vaping is legal and products are sold legally except e-liquid containing nicotine which stands illegal whereas heat-not-burn tobacco products are completely legal and used extensively.

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With all the swinging trends in vaping laws currently prevalent all over the globe, it is difficult to track the changes that take place. This piece presents only a rundown of the countries with bans or serious restrictions on vaping. This however isn’t meant to serve as a guide about vaping while travelling. It is important to check with a reliable source before visiting an unfamiliar country regarding vaping laws to avoid any inconvenience.

New Trend of Vaping

Vaping being a newer trend, is naturally making its way forward but simultaneous researches and studies regarding it being not-as-safe-as-it-was-thought-to-be has generally raised the concerns as well. This is the major reason why vaping laws and the legal status stand confused. Unlike traditional tobacco use and existence, vaping use has suffered at the hands of it being the new hype that was supposed to provide for a safer exit but apparently has failed to deliver exactly that. And therefore, the confusion stays whether to legalize the use, sale, import and possession or not. While this aspect is resolved, who knows the scientific research may declare it an even more harmful addiction than the traditional smoking trends making it difficult to legally exist and be available as an alternative.

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