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How To Choose Best Vape Mod

Sure you are impatient to know what are mods, but first lets explain a few things that are sure to be useful before you buy your first electronic mod.

What is an Electronic Mod?

There are many types of mods and very different, but today we will focus on the electronics and specifications. The differentiating feature of these mods is that they include a chip that allows you to regulate the watts (power) you want to vape.

Mods usually have a screen where you can set different profiles and there are a variety of designs with 1 battery to 3.

Differences between an electronic mod and a mechanical one

There is a widespread myth among vape amateurs that one can get mods of only one kind, but have you ever heard a friend or acquaintance who vapes saying: “The mechanical mods have more power than the electronic ones”; well, this is totally false, in fact it is on the contrary. An Electronic mod with 2 batteries is easily more powerful than that.

Using the integrated circuit, you can regulate the power by raising or lowering it to your liking while a mechanical mod has a much simpler mechanism. It is formed by a generally bronze tube to conduct electricity better.

When the push button in the lower part is pressed, it joins the poles of the batteries with the atomizer located in the upper part in order to bring the power to the resistances to evaporate the liquid and so that you can vape.

Size Of Mod

Another point differentiator between them is the size. In case of the electronic mods, they have a keypad and screen to configure them and tend to be larger, however, the mechanic’s lack chip and screen, so they are much less heavy and small.

Security and Maintenance

An important differentiating point especially if you are new to the world of vaping is safety. A mechanical mod involves much more maintenance work since all the safety they have is the one that we must adhere to. Like the discharge limits of the batteries, keeping the contacts clean, adjusting the batteries so they do not have oscillations inside the mod.

And in general, caring for the batteries to be in perfect condition, while the electronic mods are more “off-road” has many more protections integrated into the chip that is made in terms of security win by winners to the mechanics. But keep in mind this does not mean that they are completely safe, you have to continue doing your corresponding cleaning every so often.

Integration Of Mods

In general, electronic vapers have better integration because the mechanics fit the atomizers with the same diameter as their tube, the largest are floating like a chupa chups while the smallest is very ugly. This is something that is not so noticeable in the former because of its more square shape.

Aesthetic Of Mods

Another important section as we mentioned a little above is the aesthetics, usually, the mechanics have a tubular shape while the electronics tend to be squarer. Although there are of all the forms and designs imaginable, this depends usually on your taste.

Price Of Mods

Finally we will talk about the price, in general mechanical vapers are much more expensive than electronic and offer fewer configuration options since they lack screen and keypad but have that plus to be more “handmade”. In addition, the mechanical mods offer us a different power each puff something that many vapers love.

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