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Best Vape Mods And Kits

This article presents the best vape products in the market. If you have come this far it is because you are looking for a vaper to start vaping with and you need help to choose a model with which to produce a lot of steam and even make fun tricks with your vaporizer, do not miss this article.

Procolor + TFV8 Baby

Undoubtedly the best vape Mod type this year, preferred by the vapers of the community all over the world, for its excellent performance and very cheap price. With a 225W Procolor MOD and the acclaimed TFV8 Big baby atomizer, the set results in great vaping control and battery life for the entire day.

Like all high-end vapers, it requires two 18650 rechargeable batteries that are purchased separately, preferably a model with minimum 3000maH and 35A to accommodate all its power. Careful design and excellent steam production are a plus. The mod deposits 2ml e-liquid, but comes equipped to expand it to 5ml.

Veco Solo 1500mAh

When the first thing is the size, Veco Solo is chosen by the vapers, due to its small size (it hides in the hand) and its great vapor production. The balance between battery size and steam production allows you to use it practically all day without recharging the battery. It is easy to transport and store in bags or pockets without disturbing.

Its EUC resistors also have a version in ceramic resistances, which increases the flavor while maintaining the high steam production. The tank is 2ml capacity and has an anti-drip system, avoiding the annoying drops of condensed liquid in the mouth.

Minifit Pod

Many users started opting for POD type vapers, which are the smallest range of vapers that exists. Being of reduced size, the battery also has a shorter duration, but having a lower power also balances the battery life, being able to be used practically all day without recharging.

To compensate for less steam production, they are used with liquids containing nicotine salts, which allow a higher dose of nicotine than the more advanced models without suffering the severe throat beating and dizziness produced by normal nicotine with higher potency vapers.

Despite its small size and moderate power, for many of the initiated users, it is a very effective model to stop smoking. If you want maximum discretion and a high dose of nicotine to stop smoking, this is your model. Highlights are its reduced price and its size.

Stick V8 Baby 2000mAh

It is the younger brother of Procolor, since it incorporates a pencil-type model battery, small size but with good battery life and the same TFV8 Baby atomizer, with the consequent production of steam. It is a medium-term between steam production and battery life, to enjoy large clouds of steam if carrying a heavy or bulky vaper.

Like Procolor, the tank has a capacity of 2ml, but in this case, it is necessary to buy a 5ml TFV8 adapter to increase its capacity. Like all pencil-type models, it weighs little and is easy to carry in bags and pockets.

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