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Best vape mod with longest battery life ?

The users of electronic cigarettes, both new and already experienced, show some dissatisfaction with the duration of the battery that feeds their device to vape.

The doubts are many and the comments right or totally wrong too. In this post, we will try to get closer to the reality of the topic and of course, we will give an answer, derived from our knowledge and our research to the question, more and more frequent about whether the battery lasts for electronic cigarettes?

  • The importance of the battery in the vaper

The battery of our device to vape is as important as the battery of your music player or your smartphone. Although in all the cases we have mentioned, the battery plays the role of an “accessory” and the benefits of the invaluable services provided by all these devices, we usually attribute them to the performance of them as such, the truth is that all these wonderful devices. They are totally useless without a power source.

The battery stores energy (does not produce it). The battery of our electronic cigarette like that of other devices requires to store a greater amount of energy, more space available.

If we want batteries of longer duration, these will have to be larger and this circumstance will continue for the next five years. Experts in the field, work so that we have batteries of smaller size and greater capacity, achieving that, our mobile devices, including the electronic cigarette, are easier to carry and provide a much longer service before requiring a recharge of energy.

This question can have two different interpretations. What is the useful life of a battery for electronic cigarettes?

 How long is the charge of a battery for electronic cigarettes?

The two concerns are valid and both concern those who usually vape daily. Let’s try the two possibilities:

We are going to refer to the eGo battery as a meeting point for electronic cigarettes since they are the most popular, the most sold and therefore the most used. The manufacturer tells us that this type of batteries has a useful life that is measured in loads. That is, the useful life of an eGo battery is measured in the number of times it is possible to recharge it.

As we know, eGo batteries are available from 650 to 2,200 mAh. For batteries that have a range between 650 and 1100 mAh, the manufacturer certifies an average duration of 400 charges. Counting charges and discharges of the battery can be somewhat cumbersome, so it is usually taken into account “by eye”, and if a battery fails to work well with few charges/wastes, it may be defective.

What follows is the mathematics of the most elementary. If you vape in such a way that you need to charge your battery twice a day, it will have a useful life of 200 days, a little over six months. If we take into account that a battery of these characteristics, can be between 15 and 20 euros, this leads us to conclude that the monthly cost would be 3.3 euros maximum. If we translate it into days, the cost is really negligible. No doubt you spent more in matches when you smoked conventional cigarettes.

 Now let’s try to answer our question from the other point of view. Suppose we have an eGo battery of 1,100 mAh, which gets its full charge in about 3 hours and, according to the manufacturer, allows us a little more than 1000 aspirations with each load.

If we think that to smoke a conventional cigarette, we should aspire an average of 23 times, we can conclude that, charging once a day an 1100 mAh eGo battery, will allow us to vape the equivalent of 43 cigarettes a day. This would mean a little more than two packets of conventional cigarettes a day.

  • What can we conclude?

That the batteries of electronic cigarettes do not last long. On the contrary, they have excellent performance.

If you want to have more storage capacity in your battery, you must support a little more size, at least for a couple of years.

There are batteries up to 2,200 mAh, which will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy your electronic cigarettes, without interruption, with a small increase in size. They are barely above 9 cm long with a diameter of 1.7 mm, we refer to the GS eGo II battery model of 2,200mAh

In our next post, we will make recommendations on how to extend the life of your battery for electronic cigarettes. We are sure that, like today’s topic, this will be of interest to you.

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